BIGSIZEHEELS focuses on the direction of large-size women's shoes, breaks the aesthetic standards, and creates exclusive beautiful shoes for large-size girls

"Shoes In Size15" have brought joy to people in language and genre programs more than once. Due to historical and other reasons, big codes were not part of the mainstream aesthetics. With the development of the times, the replacement of new generations, and the diversification of cultures, big codes will subvert the traditional aesthetic standards.

Consumption dominates the economy, and personality development triggers diversification of aesthetic styles

In recent years, people's concept of pursuing a comfortable and healthy life has gradually increased. In addition to aesthetics, the requirements for comfort are also getting higher in terms of clothing and footwear. Moreover, "free size" is gradually abandoned by people, and the demand for customization continues to grow. People have higher requirements for wearing clothing and shoes. In 2019, the whole people will enter a new era of consumption. Consumption gradually dominates the economy, and more and more people focus on personal experience instead of catering to the public's aesthetics. The development direction of the market has gradually shifted from satisfying the public to individualized development, followed by a variety of aesthetic methods. Attention is paid to the needs of girls with non-standard figures.

BIGSIZEHEELS does not accept simple direct small size enlargement. It not only requires beauty and fashion, but also has extremely high requirements for comfort and texture. The leading edge of the market development trend and the lagging nature of market production, as well as the lack of reasonable and rigorous shoe design brands that truly meet the bigfoot girls, the bigfoot girls still cannot buy beautiful large-size high heels. The professional design of BIGSIZEHEELS, which focuses on large-size women's shoes, brings good news to girls with big feet, and its unique brand concept stands out among many brands.

The founder of BIGSIZEHEELS has an insight into market demand, focuses on large-size women's shoes, and creates ingenious boutiques.

The founder of BIGSIZEHEELS is tall and knows the worries of bigfoot girls. His special experience in modeling career makes his pursuit of beauty and sensitivity to fashion better than ordinary people. There is also the demand for large-size women's shoes, which gave birth to the brand. .

Breaking the traditional aesthetic standards, BIGSIZEHEELS insists on designing exclusive high heels for girls with big feet. The founder of BIGSIZEHEELS conducted a preliminary market research on the characteristics of women's feet in size US12 and above. Through scientific analysis, accurate figures were obtained to create the first pair of women's shoe lasts in size US15, setting the industry standard for large-size women's shoes. The use of Italian imported steel core and high-density midsole makes the shoe shape more stable and not easily deformed, and perfectly bears the weight pressure of tall girls, allowing them to walk comfortably and without worries. Reject simple small size enlargement, lengthen the front edge of the toe, deepen the neck of the shoe, and adjust the height of both sides of the upper with the shallow mouth, so that girls with big feet can also wear it delicately.

In order to ensure the quality of shoes, BIGSIZEHEELS adopts "Smart 2.0" technology to realize efficient one-piece flexible production, and realize the perfect implementation of small adjustments to each pair of shoe styles. In order to provide a satisfactory shoe-wearing experience for bigfoot girls, BIGSIZEHEELS pioneered the product experience official model. The founder personally takes charge of the product experience and strictly controls the quality and comfort of the product. Carefully polish each product to bring a beautiful shoe-wearing experience for every big-size girl.

BIGSIZEHEELS has accurate brand positioning, grasps the trend of women’s shoes segmentation, meticulously researches product craftsmanship, and puts customer experience as the top priority. Therefore, it has won a good public reputation, stood out among many large-size brands, and led the large-size women’s shoe brand Trends and establishment of industry standards, I hope BIGSIZEHEELS insists on ingenuity and quality products, and will continue to grow and develop in the future fashion trends.

What makes Bigsizeheels different?

On our website you will find one of the biggest large size shoe collections on the market. We are constantly creating and selling a vast range of products, with unique styles and features. It’s very important for us to really push the boundaries and bring in the ultimate experience and the best results. It’s imperative to take this experience to the next level, and if you work with us, you will have no problem achieving that. At the same time, we always follow the latest trends, so you will have no problem finding trendy shoes that actively fit you. In addition, we never shy away from innovating and creating unique designs that you just can’t find anywhere on the market at this particular time. We sell heels, sandals, boots and a multitude of other products too. All you have to do is to give us a try and we guarantee you will be very happy with the experience and results. It’s an amazing opportunity and you will be more than impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Just give us a try and let us assist you with state of the art, incredible large size shoes for women.

What is Bigsizeheels and why should you visit our website?

Finding the right shoes can be very difficult when you’re wearing a larger size. Not only are those shoes harder to find, but it can be even more challenging to find a style and design you enjoy. We went through the same challenge, since we were trying to find the best women’s shoes of a larger size, but it was close to impossible to find something we liked. That’s why we decided to create Bigsizeheels.

What is Bigsizeheels?

Bigsizeheels is the ultimate store for women’s shoes of a larger size. If you’re wearing a large size and you find it difficult to choose or even identify some shoes that you like, then all you have to do is to visit Bigsizeheels right away. We bring a curated list with some of the top quality and most impressive big size heels and women’s shoes. It’s very important for us to provide you with as many options as possible. This way you will have an amazing experience and not have to worry about dealing with a small selection of products.

We are always listening to our clients as we try to expand our inventory. If you have any ideas, feedback or requests, let us know. We have a great relationship with our community and we are always listening to our customers. Don’t hesitate and browse our store for the best and latest deals, and if you have any questions we are always here to help!BIGSIZEHEELS removes the obstacles that make stylish bigsizeshoes unreachable for so many women. Our pieces are affordable and easy to mix + match. They look equally good in an office, behind a stroller, at brunch with girlfriends, or traveling the world.BIGSIZEHEELS brings fun, flattering shoes to all types of women and sparks their imagination with styling ideas. We’re curating looks for real life and providing all the styling inspiration you need. That’s what we mean when we say Your Style, Inspired. - Your partners in style, Team BIGSIZEHEELS

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