Hi, I’m Mr Lee from Las Vegas, USA. I found that most women in the US and Europe are taller than women from eastern countries, that means women from the west are born with longer feet as  well. In September 2019, I conducted a research in shopping malls and clothing stores around the U.S. found that the largest women shoe size from most shoe brands is US12, which makes it difficult for ladies with big feet to buy a pair of good-looking and wearable shoes, unless the shoe size is customized. As the group of women with shoe size issues is so large, my friends and I decided to make a brand of our own, specializing in selling oversized footwear in order to help women who are struggling with buying the right size shoes with more styles. However, we got rejected by a lot of factories to produce oversized shoes for us, mostly because of the unpredictable sales and potential overstock. After few months of searching and negotiating with our unremitting efforts, we finally found few factories accepted our suggestions, and willing to give it a go to produce oversized shoes. In early 2021, we officially established the brand “Bigsizeheels” and registered the trademark in the U.S. Now we are working hard on many new collections are launching, please Keep up to date with all our news, events and behind the scenes footage by following us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, get exclusive deal for our latest collection!

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